Friday, October 18, 2013

WIPocalypse October

Well I got a good bit of progress done this month and this is my first WIPocalypse posting!!!
First is the stocking I've been working on and need to work on it the most out of all the projects.

I pretty much got the desk finished and started on the stool blanket.  I also added the backstitching to the borders on top.

Memory Lane is one I didn't realize I even started back some time ago the stitching in the right bottom is what was started and I got the top corner going.  I'm using this to see if I like to grid and park.  Never did this before but with this one I wanted to give it a try.  So far I really like it!

Here is little miss Maggie the mess maker.  I can totally relate!  I worked on a few parts finishing up the purple spool of thread and working around the yellow behind the kitty's head.  I added a few grid lines to help me as I'm having a hard time with missed stitches.

Little sleepy Fredrick here I worked on finishing up on some of the red books and added the bits of paper on top of them as well.

Well there you have it that is my update and not too shabby if you ask me :)  finally feeling like I'm getting some major progress on a lot of these!

Ta-Ta until next time!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! A while ago I stitched Fredrick too.

  2. Hi Barb: I did this stocking many years ago when it first came out in the Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine, I love it, your is coming along well, I am in love with your Cat stitching, thank-you for sharing.

  3. That stocking is cute, and I love the cat on the bookcase. Great job!