Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catch up post

Gee December is just passing me by!  I'll just post my WIPocalypse and my TUSAL post today.  To start here is my ORT jar for the TUSAL for December:
 I've been working my little fingers to the bone on the stocking trying my best to finish and I probably would but I ran out of thread.....I just have no idea when I can get back out to get more but anyway there is no way I will be completely finished by Tuesday.  I still have quite a bit of backstitching to do and was working on the shadowing when I ran out of that color.  I will just keep working on other areas until I get replacement thread.  I ended up asking dh for some and he can just give to me in my stocking :) at least it will be completed by year end I'm sure. So not keep you waiting too long here it is from the last time I posted:

And now:
I've gotten quite far on it and only have the little bit of shadowing the the right of Santa to go then it's just backstitching and french knots left!  I finished the doll house, blocks, alligators, pigs, giraffes and Noah's ark!  Funny while stitching the shadows I kept finding missed stitches here and there.  I will get that stitched up and just wait on the floss I need.
Thanks for looking! 


  1. That stocking looks amazing. It's just perfect!

  2. Love the stocking. I have joined the 2014 turtle trot with all of you and it will be fun to stitch along side you.