Thursday, November 7, 2013

ORT, Tea & Autumn

 Now that the weather is changing the skies seem to be at their brightest.  I love love this time of year.  It's my absolute favorite.  Halloween, fairs, leaves changing, Christmas around the corner, ::autumn:: :)

 The leaves are on the brink of changing to their magnificent yellows and reds.  This is out back of our house where we have a nice foot path.  I will have to go out on a walk with the wonderful cool weather we are finally having.  Perfect weather!
Last but not least I'm late on showing you my ORT jar.  It's slowly filling up but haven't gotten much done as I would have liked.  I'm working solely on the stocking for DH so that I get it completed in time this year.  I'm determined to get it stitched by the end of the month.  Will have to see how far I get on the next update around mid month!

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