Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday again

 Hi : o ) it's Sunday again!  I do love my Sundays.  It's time that I use for housewifery things like changing out my wreaths, bake, work in the yard or on one of my projects.  Saturday I went to our nearest Lowe's to get some much needed plants for this fall.  Of course that is pansies around here.  I just love the mix of color they have to offer.
 I just potted some right in with my geranium there.  It's still blooming and even has more buds on there.  I just couldn't take out the geranium since it wants so badly to hang out in my pot there.  See that itty bitty pink there?  That is part of it still blooming.  There are about two other sets of blooms that haven't bloomed yet.  It's suppose to get pretty cold on Wednesday so will see what the cool weather does.  

They are just lovely hanging in their basket and out on the front of the house. Just love that mix of color!
 Walking about out back after planting the basket I was surprised to still see some camellia blooms still on my plant out back.  Love these, you can't see if from this one but they have just a hint of pink on the edges. 
 Looking around inside I'm feeling a bit guilty not working on my ripple.  It's been put on hold while I work endlessly on the stocking for my dh.  I'm getting pretty far on it but I can't help not sitting with the ripple in my lap while it's cool out and doing a ripple here and there.  Ripple.Ripple.Ripple I do miss you :(  I promise I will be back soon! 
 Here's the culprit...taking up every pit of time but I'm very much enjoying working on it.  Anticipating sewing it together.  I can't wait! It's nice to see how far it is coming in comparing to my last WIP post.  Wow it has been going pretty quickly!  Although I did have to frog out part of the bench's back leg there where I miss counted...
Well I'm going to snuggle up to my ripple while I work tonight on the stocking.  Do you think ripple will mind?  Hope not :)

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